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    TPS students meet the Dalai Lama

    Tuesday 26th June 2012

    Dalai Lama June 2012Petersfield students were among thousands of followers who gathered to hear the Dalai Lama speak at Aldershot Football Club as part of his current UK tour.

    43 Year 9 and 10 Religious Studies GCSE students from The Petersfield School got a close up view of His Holiness as he walked around the perimeter of the football pitch following his speech. One lucky TPS student even got to shake his hand!

    His speech “Non-violence, dialogue and universal responsibility” encouraged followers to be true 21st Century Buddhists and not be content with daily prayer and mantras but to pay attention to studying Buddhist holy texts, making connections between science, philosophy and religion.

    He spoke of two Buddhisms: Buddhist religion and Buddhist culture – “a non-violent culture, a compassionate culture and peace being the basis of harmony & friendship”.
    Referring to all world religions, he spoke of common teachings of love, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness. He spoke of the importance of respect between the religions and working towards religious harmony, “Believe in one – respect all”.

    He spoke of all living beings having ‘Buddha nature’ and our actions should reflect this. “Help others with positive actions and both will benefit. If you harm, cheat, bully, exploit others, these actions bring negative consequences. We should all make more effort to achieve positive actions.”

    Mrs Janet Freeborn, Teacher of Religion, Philosophy & Ethics at TPS said:
    “This was a fantastic once in a lifetime opportunity for both the students and staff.

    “It was a memorable occasion which included inspiring teachings about compassion and tolerance to reflect upon, as well as enhancing our students’ study of Buddhism”.