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Talking Endlessly, Cubrik, Trails and Sumer: 7th May ’11

Talking EndlesslyThe second gig of the weekend was a corker. With probably one of the best line-ups we’ve collated for the musos of the area, there was a lot of sweat and a lot of virtuous performing…..

Debuting globally was ….Sumer….. Comprising of members from two of the most proficient bands in the area in the form of Maiea and Sinuism there were high expectations from the offset. They are still searching currently for a vocalist and so this gig was a combination in some forms of a taster of what they were doing but also a chance to show that would-be vocalist what their warbling will potentially accompany.

The music has a definite groove to it and leans towards the prog more than the heavier side of rock and metal. With a guitarist on one side virtuously strides his way through various choruses of bird song whilst the other provides enough sturdiness to support a small fortress there is a wide spectrum of resources within the band itself.

Some bands suit just being instrumental and others need a vocalist because of the leanings of the music. Although it was great to hear the music solo it tends to lean towards being brought out and highlighted by some vocal melodies over the top too and has been cleverly written in respect to encompassing any style of vocals well.

One person described the set to me afterwards as “initially sounding like some Red Indians might be approaching, and then a hurried rush of horses.” I wouldn’t just take their words as verbatim though; I had nothing to say to that and you shouldn’t either…..

Trails were also making their debut at the bar. Having seen and heard so much about them since they rose from the ashes of Overthrow it was great to actually watch them live and they have honed their set really consistently.

The almost-constant gigging since their inception has clearly paid off and they were tight and well-rehearsed. They are energetic in performance and have got their stage presence to a really high standard.

The music is more punk-inspired than the other bands on the bill and there is a punch to the set which is more evocative of the lyrics and compliments them well. Overthrow were renowned for a set that would make you think as well as dance and there is huge personal relief that Trails are set to continue in that ethos.

With their first single released today Monday 9th May this is a band that you could quite easily spend some time on and get involved with…..

Cubrik. Ah, Cubrik. Not many bands pack the room so frequently and consistently with adoring fans yet these guys manage it so often that they really should be getting the message that the public want them in their heads, ears and souls whether it be morning noon and night. Technically they are reigning supreme at the moment and there is a real buzz to the band and their songs online which will hopefully continue and carry them on the crest of this wave towards some more widespread recognition.

They are difficult to pigeon-hole easily but describe themselves as math rock which suits them and they show no signs of slowing down at the moment. The melodies are hook-laden and written to worm inside your head ready to pop out as you wake up and combined with a drummer that leaves most other drummers in the room staring blankly and throwing sticks down in tempestuous responses there is a groove behind the tracks which stands out.

A cavalcade of influences seems to be filtered into the band which can only be highlighted by a sneaky jazz interlude before their new song which contrasts completely yet complimentarily with their other work. Basically: you need them in your life and if you have heard them somewhere then chances are they’ll be there whether you like them or not; don’t say that you haven’t been warned…..

Talking Endlessly have had a long history with the bar, regularly playing as their previous incarnation of Spectrum 7 and they have only matured well and refined their music as time has passed. They are alternative rock and more associated with bands such as Radiohead or The Mars Volta and have a great edge to them which makes them stand out in a line-up.

Less electronic than previously, they have rocked up a bit and seem comfortable with some great songs and talented musicianship. Their last song stood out from the set and Jason’s vocals are perfectly suited to the mood created. A band that always seem to make a lasting impression, it was nice to reacquaint with them properly…..

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Reviewed by: catherinejackson

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