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Polar, Forever Wednesday, Via The Void and Rurin

PolarThe night was a mixture of genres within the same spectrum and each band offered their own take successfully. It had been way too long since FW and Polar played, a night of raucous behaviour and lots of noise!

The first band to play were Rurin. A new band to the bar, they have a good solid rock/metal foray that they play from. The style of the band is reminiscent of classic rock and metal such as AC/DC and Metallica-confirmed in one by a cover of ‘Enter Sandman’ to finish the set with.

There was a clear interest in experimentation from the guitarists and directing the band into different styles and methods of playing. An instrumental piece in the middle of the set provided some variety and showed what the direction of the band might be music-wise. The only criticism of the band would be unfair not to mention, but something easily fixed with time and experience and that would be the nervousness of the performance. The band are only young and with more gigging and confidence sprouting from that there would be no issue with them so it’s well worth them keeping at it and this will fade away naturally. A good solid band to watch develop though with some interesting ideas.

The second band on was Via The Void. They have played at the bar before but in the intervening time all they seem to have done is tighten their set, mature musically and practice practice practice. They have an assured confidence to them that they did not have as profoundly before. With some good variety to the set, a drummer that blasts out beats whilst having enough time to twiddle his sticks perfectly in time, there is some drama and vibrancy to the band which got people moving to them and getting involved with the set and the music. They are hardcore through and through, and ….Lawrence….’s vocals suit them down to the ground with screams and a throaty growl filtering through the music. Scary, fun and metal it will be interesting to see where they go from here.

Main support was in the form of Forever Wednesday. For such a group of handsome young men they heaped a bucket full of attitude on stage with them and riled the crowd up to getting active and responding to their set. The music is hardcore in essence but softer and more leaning towards the rock element than not. Grouty’s vocals are clear and decisive and his passion for the band is clearly running through him. The rest of the band are hardly shrinking violets though and there are not many that put on as energetic and involving sets. A liver performance to garner attention, and it seems to work every time.

Performance-wise though the master class of the evening was given by Polar. Never before has the transition from likeable and friendly young men to those that appear clearly insane been as forthcoming. Just watching their set is exhausting and the bucket loads of sweat shed throughout their songs is the sweat of hard work and enthusiasm. Encouraging everyone to get involved whilst simultaneously taking the initiative to sing lyrics to most members of the audience personally it would be hard not to get swept up in the moment by this band. The music is solid, tight and well structured and thank god-because if they weren’t actually good as a band then you’d be scared to admit it. Lately it seems that you can’t avoid Polar in the music scene and thank goodness for that because not many other bands work as hard for it. Onwards and upwards!

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Reviewed by: catherinejackson

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